Soma - Make Your Own Straps

Soma - Make Your Own Straps

August 02, 2014

For those of you finding it difficult sourcing Bikini strapping, this tutorial is for you.

Read on to see how to make your own fabric covered elastic strapping! 


Cut a long strip of fabric roughly 4cm 1 1/2'' wide.

Place your 1cm/3/8" swimwear elastic on top, on the wrong side of fabric strip, 1cm 3/8'' away from the edge. 


Sew elastic onto fabric with a zig zag stitch.  You don't want to stretch the elastic at all whilst sewing.



It should look something like this on the right and wrong sides of the fabric strip.


Fold fabric in half right sides together so that the edge of the elastic is on the edge of the fold.



Stitch together with a long narrow zig zag as close to the elastic as possible without the needle touching it.


Trim excess fabric from the seam allowance.



Attach a safety pin to the end of the strip.



Manoeuvre the safety pin into the hole opening. 


Feeling through the fabric, find the safety pin and keep manoeuvring it through.  Once the safety pin has reached the other end pull it right through so the elastic is completely enclosed.


Voila!  You are left with a beautiful new fabric covered strap! The right side is lovely and stitch free and the back has a zigzag stitch.  No elastic twisting around inside the fabric with this method!

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