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    Soma - Make your own Binding

    If using fold over elastic isn't your cup of tea, or if you'd prefer to use your own matching fabric then this tutorial is for you!

    We are going to teach you how to make your very own binding! Hooray!

    For our example here, we have made the Soma Bikini Top Var. 1, however this binding technique could be used almost anywhere.

    Please Note, the right side is the turquoise and the wrong side is the stripe.  This is a snippet from an upcoming tutorial on how to make your Soma reversible!

    First cut a long strip of your chosen swimwear fabric 4cm or 1 1/2 '' wide.

    Place your strip along the side of the edge you're going to bind, leaving a 10cm/4" excess allowing for the top triangle (If this is the variation you're making). Cut at bottom edge.


    Making sure the 10cm/4" excess stays as that measurement, pin in place with the right side of the binding strip facing the wrong side of bikini panel and stretch on as you pin. You want to stretch it a bit as you want it to sit firmly whilst wearing it.  You should end up with a bit of excess binding at the bottom edge also.


    Sew binding on with a 1cm seam allowance, using a long narrow zig zag stitch.


    For the overhang of binding at the top edge, fold the binding in half width ways with right sides together and pin until you reach the edge of the Bikini top.

    Try to make sure the last pin is at the exact point that you need to stop stitching. You want the stitch to be as close to the bikini edge as possible without it hitting the fabric.

    8.jpg 9.jpg

    Stitch edge together with a 1cm seam allowance, using a long narrow zig zag.  Stop just before it hits the edge of the bikini top, as previously mentioned. Back tack. 

    We are now going to turn the binding through so the right side is facing out and the seam is enclosed. Find a small safety pin and attach it to the end of the binding.  You want to manoeuvre the safety pin into the opening hole of the binding.


    Feel around through the fabric for the pin and manoeuvre it through the tunnel until it reaches the other opening.

    Pull safety pin right through.

    Fold the remaining edge of binding inwards.  It should be the same width as your finished strap, when you fold the allowance in.

    Tuck the seam allowance of bikini into the open part of binding.

    Pin the binding in place.

    Stitch the binding down right on the edge with a long narrow zig zag. Cut off any excess at the bottom edge ONLY.

    Voila!  As easy as that you've created your own binding!