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    Soma - Bikini Top Var. 1

     Thought the SOMA bikini was already damn cute as it is? Well do we have news for you! ... IT CAN NOW BE MADE REVERSIBLE. Yeah, we know, it's too much to handle. Two bikinis in one, this must be a dream. Well, it isn't, and you can do this yourself at home!  Read on to see how...

    reversiblesoma.jpg 1.jpg

    Start with two main fabrics rather than a main and a lining.


    With right sides facing, fold darts into place, pin together then stitch in place. 


    Pin your pieces together with right sides facing at top edges.

    Stitch together, then turn through to the right side so that this seam is enclosed.  Repeat for opposite side.

    Match up the darts on each piece.


    If you find the darts are a little bulky together, trim off the dart excess.


    Cut one side narrower than the other.  This will help it sit smoothly without too much of a bump.

    Serge or zig zag around all remaining edges to secure as one piece for both fronts.

    Bind all your edges... we show you how in this tutorial.

    Lay one piece over the other, lining up centre front notches.

    Pin together through both layers.  Stitch with a narrow zig zag stitch right on the very edge to hold in place before binding bottom edge.


    This is where the construction order starts to vary from your pattern instructions so that you can make it reversible.

    Cut two pieces of your strapping (Learn how to make your own here) the length stated in your pattern for your size.  Pin onto the back edge with right sides of the straps facing the right (main) side of your bikini.  Stitch in place.

    Cut two pieces of strapping 50cm/20" long for your shoulder straps.  Neaten one end of each strap with a tight zig zag stitch.

    With the right side of the strap facing down and the neatened edge at the bottom, pin strap onto back edge of bikini over top of the back straps.

    Keep it all held together securely with pins...

    then fold it over to the other side and pin in place.

    Stitch together with a zig zag stitch.  This is what it will look like from the right side...

    ....and this is what it will look like from the wrong side.  Looks pretty good from both sides right?

    Place a pin at the 7cm/ 2 3/4" point on your front binding (top triangles).

    Loop raw edges of binding through bra rings toward the wrong side until you reach the 7cm pin, and pin in place.

    Thread your back straps though one side of your bikini clasp toward the wrong side and pin in place.

    Repeat for opposite side of back straps. Don't stitch in place just yet.  It's a good idea to pin from the right side, so that you don't stab yourself while trying your bikini on!  Try on and check strap lengths.


    This is what happens if the length of the triangle binding pieces are pulled too tight, you get a sag in the fabric.  If you are finding this is what is happening to you, loosen off the triangle binding pieces until it sits right.  Tighten shoulder strap as necessary.

    It should sit more like this.


    You might want to get someone to help you with adjusting the back straps, just make sure they are tightened evenly on each side, so that your clasp sits centre.

    Trim off excess strapping, I like to cut it about 1.5cm/1/2" from the ring.

    Zig zag in place, stitching over the edges of strap, so that you have no raw edge of fabric.  This way it looks ok from both sides.

    Voila!  One reversible bikini top!