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    Skipper Tunic Pleat Hack

    Looking for ways you can hack our Skipper Tunic?

    For this version, we added and folded fabric at the neckline of variation 3 to create a wide pleat in the front. Simple but cute, right?

    Here's how we did it:

    Tape some paper under the centre front edge of the bodice for variation 3.

    Measure 5cm (2") from the top corner of the centre front and mark with a pen. Repeat at various intervals down the centre front.

    Line up the dots with your ruler and draw a line. Draw another line from the centre front to meet the new line you just drew, forming a box shape. Repeat at the hemline. 

    This is your new pattern piece. Cut along your new lines and you'll have your Skipper Tunic with an extended centre front portion. Just remember to cut your fabric on the fold as per the instructions.

    Then we made the top as usual, finally basting and folding the pleat into place after stitching the neckline on, but before it is secured at the centre front.