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    Make a Long Kochi Jacket

    A long haori-inspired jacket is perfect for easy elegance. Think cotton and fringe for a boho look or silk and embroidery for a classic feel ... make it your way. You're the designer!

    Here's how you can adapt your Kochi  pattern to be as long as your heart desires.

    How to Lengthen the Kochi Jacket

    Take the pieces you want to work with, excluding the sleeve. If you're making a lined version, don't forget to include those pieces too!

    Starting at the second notch up from the bottom, draw a line against the grain from the side seam to the opposite edge.

    Cut along this line.
    We're going to add some paper into this new gap, so work out how much length you want to add and grab some spare paper that is a little bigger than that.
    Tape the top portion of your pattern to the spare paper.

    Place a ruler against a straight edge and draw a line that continues down the new paper as far as you desire.

    Trim along that line.
    At the point where you want your added length to end, draw another line parallel to your top pattern piece.

    Tape the bottom portion of your pattern piece along this line, making sure the straight edges (parallel to the grainline) line up perfectly.

    Draw another line along your untrimmed edge.

    Cut along that line.

    Well done! You've lengthened your first pattern piece. Repeat that process for all pieces including the neckband, lining and front pieces.

    Because the front piece is shaped, the lines will be a little different there so let's take a closer look at that.


    After adding my length using the same method as above, I've drawn a new centre front by placing a ruler between the notches at the centre front and trimming the pattern piece along that. You'll see that it adds an extra little wedge to the width of the bottom portion. That's fine. It's just creating a more streamlined edge.

    Now sew your Kochi as usual by following the instructions.