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    Geometric Stamping

    GS.jpg GSSupplies.jpg GS2.jpg GS3.jpg GS4.jpg

    We've mixed up some normal black and white paint and added some textile medium (no need for expensive fabric paints).  The textile medium basically makes it a washable fabric paint, that way you can get exactly the colour you want using normal everyday paint.

    GS5.jpg GS6.jpg

    We cut two triangles and a diamond shape out of polystyrene.  Coat one side of your shape with your mixed up paint.


    It's a good idea to lay some paper or cardboard through the middle of your skirt so that the paint doesn't seep through.  Start stamping.


    The trick is to keep stamping until there is hardly any paint left on your stamp.  That way you get the variation in texture like we have.


    You can mix up your shapes or you could stick with just doesn't really matter.  Keep stamping until you've covered your garment.  Once you've finished and the paint has dried, you should lay a cloth over it and iron with a hot iron to heat set your design.  Voila!  It's really that easy!