May 29, 2013



Want to pretty up a garment?  I especially love this technique as I am a magpie when it comes to anything with sparkle!

foilsupplies.png foil2.png

Make sure the glue you're using is a washable craft glue.


Make sure you follow the instructions on your foil packet.  Ours said to have color/shiny side up.


Flatten out part of garment you want to foil.


 Prepare glue.


Start brushing glue onto garment where you want the foil to be.  You need to let your glue dry a bit until it gets to a tacky consistency.


Once glue has set a bit, cut your foil into manageable pieces, place onto garment (shiny side up) and start scraping on with the back of a spoon.

foil8.png foil9.png

Continue over your glued areas until you get your desired look.  It's really THAT easy!


When it comes to washing your garment, make sure you use a delicate cycle in cold water and DO NOT put in the dryer.

So sparkles for everyone.  I hope to see lots of embellished garments out there!

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