DIY Belts

DIY Belts

July 14, 2017

Want a perfectly matched belt for your latest sewing project? Here are two belts that you can make yourself.

A Tassel Belt is lightweight and adds a cute touch to any dress. Because it's made with embroidery thread, you'll have a ton of colour options and shades to choose from; so you're bound to find one that matches your fabric perfectly!

A self-fabric belt saves any colour matching drama. Use your leftover dress fabric to create a thin belt that can be gently tied at the waist. It's a subtle, feminine touch that doesn't draw attention, but adds shape and detail where it's needed.

Both of these belts would also be perfect with our Kobe Dress, giving you a cinched waist without added bulk. Each method is lightweight and quick, to help you get out the door in your new dress sooner. 

How to Make a Tassel Belt

We've used this technique, not only for our white Kobe Dress but also for our Brooke Tyson Clover Dress. It's one of our favourite methods and adds a cute touch without detracting from your fabric.

Let's get started!

You will need about 5 skeins of Embroidery thread. The length that you cut is up to you, but make sure it is long enough to go around your waist and to comfortably tie up and hang down, then add an extra 2.5cm/1”.

Cut 9 lengths at this measurement.

Tie the 9 threads together at one end leaving about 6cm/2½” loose at the end.

Separate the threads into three parts.

Plait threads until there is 6cm/2½” of thread loose at the other end.

Tie a knot just like you did at the beginning.

Take a new skein of thread and carefully remove the paper, keeping the skein intact.

Tie the loose end of plaited length tightly around middle of skein. Repeat on other end.

Separate one or two threads from a leftover portion and wrap tightly around the top of folded thread then tie off securely. Repeat on other end.

Trim ends of skein perfectly blunt and straight to form a tassel. Repeat on other end. Voila!

How to Make a Self-Fabric Belt

Another way you can belt your new dress is with a narrow self-fabric belt. This method is taken from our Sway Dress pattern and is great for light-weight fabrics.

Cut two strips across the width of your fabric that are 5cm/2" wide and 115cm/45" long.

self fabric belt 2.jpg

Stitch the short ends of these lengths together with right sides facing. Press seam allowance open.

self fabric belt 3.jpg

Fold in half the other way with right sides facing.

Stitch the long ends together.

self fabric belt 5.jpg

Trim seam allowance back.

Pretty scraps!

self fabric belt 7.jpg

Attach a safety pin to one end of tie.

Push the safety pin down into the tube,

self fabric belt 8.jpg

and keep threading pushing it through while feeding the fabric in after it,

until the safety pin pops out the other end.

Continue to pull the fabric through until the entire tube is right side out. Press.

Tuck the ends of the tie inwards and edgestitch closed. Voila!

Happy stitching!

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