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    Burrito Method for Facings

    A garment with combined neck and shoulder facings will give you a flawless finish, offering concealed seams and crisply pressed edges. The facings will sit more smoothly, while giving the garment added stability.

    When it comes to sewing the facings onto a garment, we love to use the 'Burrito Method'. This quick technique makes light work of the construction, so you can rock your new top sooner.

    How To

    Once you have your facing attached to the neckline of your garment, lay your top flat with right side down and the facing on top.

    Roll one side of your garment toward the other side, stopping at the furthermost shoulder seam.

    Peel back the facing and fold it out over the rolled portion.

    Tuck it under the garment and match up the edges and shoulder seams, right sides facing.

    Stitch together around this half-moon curve, leaving the side seams for now.

    Trim seam allowance back to 5mm.

    Pull garment through to the right side. This is my favourite part! Unfolding it all just feels like magic.

    Repeat for the other side and press seams well.

    Voila! Your facings are attached. Just neaten the bottom edges of the facing and continue to sew the garment as usual.

    When you've finished your garment, you will need to hand-stitch the centre back facings to the zipper tap and also tack down the facing under the arms, to stop them popping up during wear.

    Enjoy your new garment!